Grrr…about the blog…

For the random people who read my blogs from time to time…

I am giving up on movabletype. Too many spammers, hackers and not enough support for free users, like me. I am in the process of installing a new blogging platform and you will see some downtime on this site…sorry about that — it can’t be avoided.

It’s been a fun 3+ years with this blogging platform. But this morning, my site was hacked by some asshole with a re-direct script on my activity log…and well, that was the last straw. I remember when movabletype was all grassroots and cutting edge. I’m sorry to see it more concerned with support for its corporate bloggers over the individuals. I’ve backed up everything, so all my blogs should be restored after I switch platforms. Hopefully, mean hackers will eventually get discouraged by fucking with my site. If there’s some legal action I can take against these jerks, I would file charges in a heartbeat and I’d also toss in aiding and abetting to any dumb ass who suggested/offered up/helped put this site up to be targetted by little shits who have nothing better to do than mess with a blog.

But the best thing I can do is switch blogging software.

The domain name and urls will remain the same…it will look a little different. I don’t have as much time to customize and tweak this site since my job eats up a lot of energy and daylight hours.

Cross your fingers for me…and thanks for reading.

I’ll be back.


1 thought on “Grrr…about the blog…

  1. Thomas

    I don’t have any new information on who this guy is, other than the fake name he’s using, but he’s still dropping the scripts onto my site every now and then. He only picks a sub-subdirectory at a time, which is weird.

    Sorry to hear it’s giving you so much trouble.

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