Rocking Platial for 2006

Over my vacation, I got an e-mail from Tracy the Astonishing. She told me one of my maps won in the Food & Drink Map category for the Platial 2006 Map Awards.

Taste of Wherever started off as a way to keep track of restaurants I wanted to blog about in the future. Then I figured it would be neat to see where people were dining out, in other parts of the world. I’m quite tickled to see postings in Japan and other parts of Asia.

I suspect if I got hooked on Platial before bloging, I would have spent more time developing maps. This google mash-up is an amazing way to document memories with maps and pictures. It could easily take the place of blogging for some people.

In any event, if you have a tasty place you want to post on this map – go for it!

As for the platial web award….You love me! You really love me!