See ya next lifetime…

Sad news this weekend…
Jen and family said good-bye to one of their own.
Katie has been through so much with them. She even remembers our Lola. She provided comfort to Jen and she brought a smile to the faces of her parents.

Good-byes never get easier. The best we can do is be grateful for the memories and know Katie will always have a place in our hearts. She’ll remind us of all those good times.

My family knows I’ve had a somewhat combative relationship with Katie. I couldn’t blame her for trying to protect her home and family. At times, I am a bad influence, encouraging parents, sibling and cousin to drink more and worry later about the headaches and tummy aches. I also couldn’t blame her for being annoyed with me when my fat ass stole a prized lounging spot on the couch.

I do credit Katie helping me get into grad school. I spent a Xmas holiday at my Ninang’s house. While everyone was working at their offices, college applications kept me busy. I had my make-shift office set-up on the dining tables. My crappy 500 mhz Dell machines plugged into the wall and an electric blanket wrapped around my legs. As I studied essay critiques from Wes and Mark, Katie made herself home on the pair of feet peeping out from the blanket. She kept me warm as I pondered my writing samples from news stories and outlined responses to those application questions – trying to justify why I should be given a chance at Columbia and Medill. Ninang had a big house and Katie filled the emptiness with her furry weight on my feet. She wouldn’t let me feel alone and that extra comfort helped me craft the final touches on my applications.

So, thanks Katie.
Rest in Peace sweetie and we’ll see you on the other side.