Cut a Hole in the Turkey

COVINA, CALIF — Home for the Holidays! I’m still waking up at 3 AM because my body’s still on overnight mode. It still feels so good to be back in home in So Cal with my family.

Thanksgiving 2004 in London
[Thanksgiving dinner in London 2004, with my Medill buddy Andrea, my mother-in-law Terri, and Mark’s cousin, Eileen]

My hubby and I always manage to celebrate this American holiday – whether we’re living in London or Topeka. When I accepted my first job in TV news, I knew I had to work on holidays that fell inside a sweeps period. When I found out Thanksgiving fell outside of the November sweeps period, I jumped at the chance to apply for vacation ’round that time.


So, enjoy this funny Justin Timberlake skit on SNL’s Weekend Edition. It’s all about what he’d do if he hosted the show’s Thanksgiving Edition.

Happy Turkey Day!