I Like Coffee

Just in case that Haas job doesn’t work out….

It’s an old joke between my hubby and me. It goes back to our first months of dating. At that time, I was also on my first months at Haas. UC Berkeley classified me as being “on probation.” That joke came up anytime I felt insecure with my job (aka stupid and I don’t know what I’m doing). One of us would point out some random job, like working at a cafe, and say: “In case that Haas job doesn’t work out….”

Fancy Latte
This is a fancy latte by the 2nd Best Barista in the World. A few weeks ago, I was brewing up espresso drinks next to barista champ, Heather Perry. She was on a “Got Milk” tour of the state and we interviewed her for our morning show.

She also brought cookies.

She’s from our favorite cafe in San Dimas, the Coffee Klatch. I was so tickled she let me play with her $6,000 espresso machine.

Barista Power from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

I still remember how to make a latte! In 2002, I worked at Starbucks as a barista. It was my second job, on top of my full-time tech support gig at Haas. I had fun making coffee and taking the espresso machine a part at the end of the night. But I also gained 20 extra pounds thanks to all those free mocha drinks. Evil.

It’s nice to know I have other skills that I can help me land another job…

Just in case that journalism gig doesn’t work out.