I Want to Play Video Games for a Living!

Funny, in Kansas – I played Nintendo Wii when it came out. Fally had some rockin’ game nights at her house in Lawrence. Wario Bros ruled!

Here in Cali, we kicked it old school with an Atari Game Night at the Davis Public Library.

Game Night

Bring on the 8-Bit Gaming Good Times! It was so cool to see gaming fans, young and old, play the OG versions of Frogger, Mario Bros and Centipede. I’m thankful I got to use the “roller” controller for Centipede. The joystick was hell on shooting down the roaming bugs!

I stumbled on this 1988 Inside Edition Report on Super Mario Bros via Laughing Squid. Imagine O’Reilly with hair! I wonder what he really thought about the Japanese video game hype.

Back in Davis – Metal on Metal Action.
Metal on Metal
This is part of the FIRST Robot Competition at UC Davis. It was exciting to see so many teens excited about robots. Mark pointed out some impressive sponsors for the event – NASA, Google, etc.

Metal on Metal Action from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.
It’s amazing what young students can make these days!