Beer Fest!

COVINA, CALIF – It’s 60 Degrees and Sunny in Covina. We’re spending Mother’s Day with my family in Southern California.

So, Happy Mom’s Day! Yah!

This weekend trip home gave me a break from all the stress at work. We’re in the middle of Sweeps and it’s been intense inside the newsroom. I’m so grateful that my hubby does most of the driving on the road trip down the 5.

Yesterday, I ran about 3 miles by the beach in Newport Beach. It felt good to shake off the bad vibes from the bad shows. Then we did a light breakfast of grilled cheese and water on the pier. It always feels good to be home.

Beer also helps me feel good. Here are some pictures from the Boonville Beer Festival last weekend. It was rainy outside. That didn’t stop anybody from having a boozy good time in Mendocino County. We sampled pints from so many breweries. Among the beer-guzzling throng, we raised our glasses and cheered for any random holler.

We enjoyed the Bitch Creek ESP and the Waikiki Beach Wheat. I also liked the pints from Rubicon, Blue Frog and Pizza Port. Pizza Port served up an intriguing Chocolate & Vanilla-flavored Port.

So, Viva la Beer Fest!

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