Breathing Easy

Finding relief from palate fatigue.
Jesse's Grove

It happens to most people on the wine tasting trail.

And palate fatigue is also part of a blog carnival questionnaire by Andy.

What are your tips to avoid “palate fatigue” when tasting so many wines in a session?

Here’s my response.

Taking Care Of Your Nose & Mouth from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

What do you think? What’s your cure for palate fatigue?

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3 thoughts on “Breathing Easy

  1. Andy's GoodeLife

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    You answered *two* questions! Why sniff the cork (or what to sniff instead!).

    What a great video!

    Thanks for helping me and all the other wine beginners out there to really enjoy a wine tasting without palatal fatigue, Kris.

  2. Jennie Wong

    I think your cashew nut idea is a great idea, especially for red wine tasting. Fat is the ideal way to deal with tannin overload, so cheese or even potato chips should work too. Just be sure to drink that water before going back for more wine, since salt and sugar can both throw off your taste for several sips!

    BTW, I’ll try and get that thyme stuffed mushroom recipe up for you ASAP.

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