The Heat Is On

I love our grill! June has been a great month to toss meat, seafood and veggies over the flames.

Grilling Seafood and Meat

I love the communal nature of grilling. As a married couple, we share prep duties in the kitchen. Together, we brainstorm herb and spice rubs for our proteins and vegetables. Over the weekend, I used salt, pepper and Spice Islands’ Chipotle Chile Seasoning on our shrimp kabobs.

At parties, people gravitate towards the food. Many offer to help with seasoning, boiling and other food duties. At a BBQ at our buddy’s house in Oakland, I helped boil and mix up the German potato salad. I also loved the hickory-smoked salmon at this party. Our host, Scott, didn’t sprinkle salt or pepper on the fish. He said all he need was the salmon fat and the smoke. Yum! That smoke cooked and seasoned the fish beautifully.

What else should we grill?

2 thoughts on “The Heat Is On

  1. rdv

    Try simmering your chicken pieces in a mixture of soy sauce, garlic, vinegar, bay leaf, pepper corn and green onions in about 10 minutes.(taste the mixture to your liking)
    When it’s about half cooked, finish them up in your grill.

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