Call Me Mrs. Potato Head

I planted the white potato seedlings last March. I started digging them up at the end of June.


My First Potato Harvest
According to a couple of garden-centric web sites, I should harvest the potatoes after the green vines died off. We had a few tiny ones, but a majority ended up being impressive in size.

I also picked some fig fruit from the huge tree in our backyard. It’s growing on the other side of the fence, along a public walk/bike trail. Daisy freaks out when other people start picking that tree.

We decided to grill our new potatoes inside foil. We topped them with salt, pepper and olive oil. My hubby added some bratwurst links and scallops to the fire.

Inside the kitchen, I sautéed white beans, butter beans and spinach. I also added grape tomatoes from the garden. I sprinkled on some salt and pepper to the veggies. I also added olive oil and 2007 Barefoot Chardonnay.

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