Snow Snow Snow

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CALIF. — Watching delicate snowflakes fall outside our motel room. It’s beautiful by the lake and kinda empty. Apparently, we arrived a week before the start of the big ski/snowboard season.

I’ll have to help my hubby clear off the all this white stuff from his car. Soon.
Waking up to snow falling in Tahoe. You can barely see our Toyota #fb

It seemed like a good time to do a weekend trip to the Sierra. I was inspired by a fellow journalist taking off for Guatemala after she finished up her contract.

My plan for this vacation: catch-up on sleep, eat, drink and enjoy the snow. Sounds like we’re getting another big dumping of snow later today. We may get snowed in. I think that sounds romantic for now. I suppose my hubby can telecommute from our motel room.

Anything is possible.

2 thoughts on “Snow Snow Snow

  1. Queenkv Post author

    Yup – I snapped all these pictures. For the higher resolutions ones, I used a Nikon Coolpix L12. That has 7 MP.

    For other pix that I take on the fly and tweet – I used my Verizon Lg enV phone. That one has 2 MP and she’s a bit old. She’s now turning off at random times.

    Thanks for checking out my pictures and blogs!

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