Lap Dog Panting

Trying to convince my puppy to drink some water.
She’s panting up a storm after our last run by Alamo Creek. She starts strong, but she doesn’t know how to pace herself.

After the Run

Before the run: She’s a furry ball of energy when she sees me in my running pants and tiny socks. After the run, she gives me this look: “What part of “lap dog” don’t you understand?” I know cocker spaniels are typically pampered pets, but Daisy has energy to burn. Plus – she has the sad look on her face when I leave her behind for longer runs.

Here’s how we did. Thanks to Nike+ – the Twitterverse knows exactly how many minutes it takes us to finish a mile.
Running with Daisy

While I’m pounding the pavement to CSS, Freezpop and Lily Allen, sometimes I imagine I can hear what’s going on in my puppy’s head…

Taking mommy for her run.
Taking mommy for her run.
Sniff. Pine needles. Check.
Sniff. Dead leaves. Check.
Sniff. Old people walking. Pass. No threat.
Sniff. SQUIRRELS!!!!!! Must catch them all. Mommy feels so damn heavy. Such a fat bitch. Come on….just let me go Mommy. Let me go!

Then repeat. Crazy Daisy.

In the meantime, who’s ready for Puppy Bowl VI?!?!?! We’re baking beer bread and cooking chili for the big game. I’m rooting for the tiny runts in the litter.