And that was a challenge for my Daisy. She knows sitting is her way of saying so many things.

“Yes.” “Please.” “More kibble.” “More wine.” “Throw my Toy.”

It took her three tries to squat into a sitting position and it looked uncomfortable. Daisy still had enough vim to chase squirrels and ghosts in the backyard. But she also had trouble jumping on to the couch (she loves doing that) and she took more naps.

Time to take her to the vet.

Daisy’s doctor took some X-rays and showed us why she would never be serious contender for “Best-in-Show.” The black-and-white images shows one leg bone is shorter than the other. We finally have proof that she runs with a permanent limp. I suppose she would fit in with any hip hop/rap video with her gimpy stride. Just call her a playa. She’ll answer if you call for her in a high-pitched voice.

So – we think she may have strained something when it came to chasing critters on the trail. Daisy’s doctor gave us some herbal pills for her leg/bum pain. He also said she needed a break from running and walking. She hated it when I left her behind for my walk/run along Alamo Creek, but she needed the rest.

Toad Hollow

After the pills, Daisy’s jumping back on the couch and bed with no problems. She’s also sitting again.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to take her on a walk to celebrate the weekend of Spring.