Juggling chainsaws

My 10 a.m. lectures and my walks by the Neva River seem like a dream away. Good thing I snapped a couple of pictures.

Moving on to life in the newsroom at 5 a.m.: Log onto computer…. scan website… scan AP/Bay City/ABC news wires…. update website…. tune into scanners… write news stories… grab video… make still captures… slideshows… update Twitter/Facebook/e-mail list serves…. kick ass.

Oh yeah – then produce the Midday news show.

No problem. Sounds like fun? Yes. Challenging? Of course.

Burning out? Maybe. But – it’s a fascinating job and I’m doing something different every day.

Most importantly, I’m not bored.

Chan Chan
My strategy for staying sane in the newsroom: good food with good friends.

A few weekends ago, we celebrated some good news for my hubby with dinner at Chan Chan in San Francisco. We ordered everything on the menu at this Cuban food spot and it all tasted amazing. Watch out for the Sangria….you can’t taste the alcohol. It tastes like punch.

Taste of Sacramento
My hubby and I also sampled food, wine and beer from 80 vendors at the Taste of Sacramento.

Bahn Min
I also love it when work week schedules sync up. I dished about Russia and the news biz with my Sacramento news friends at Tuli’s during a late lunch. I ordered the bahn min sandwich and they helped me weigh some of the pros and cons as I head into the next chapter in my life.

Today – I’m back in the newsroom…. juggling chainsaws, putting out fires and trying to kick ass with another show.

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