Watching the sunset on BART

Outside, we cruise past specks of neon orange and green bumping along on a soccerfield near Hayward.

A man keeps one hand on his brown suitcase as he lays down on two seats next to the train doors. A young girl in white carries a brown McDonald’s bag. I join a discreet army of earbudded passengers, lost in my own thoughts and grooving to Ladytron on Pandora.

We pause by the Coliseum and I wonder if the Oakland A’s will stay in Oakland.

My brain feels fried. I resist the urge to check my work email and voice mail. I look forward to my weekend. I attempt to unplug for tonight.

And for some reason, I had to blog. Maybe I don’t know how to step away from my gadgets. Maybe I can’t stop connecting.

Tom reminded me there was a time when I used to fall asleep at dinner because of my vampire schedule.

I’m awake now.

I am content to be on a San Francisco-bound train, ready to enjoy good food and friends.