Dancer poses by the pier

Today’s view from my yoga studio.
View from my yoga studio
I rolled out my mat on our patio at our bed and breakfast, the Inn at Mavericks. I worked on sun salutations. I closed my eyes and allowed the lighthouse gongs to center my breathing. When I bent my leg into tree pose, I stared at a billowing American flag, perched on a fishing boat. I breathed in salty sea air and good vibes. I breathed out frustrations and worries from my work week. I finished my practice with a smile, thinking about one Bali medicine man’s message to Elizabeth Gilbert in “Eat Pray Love“: “Smile in your liver.”

(Yes, the book is better than the movie. However, the movie didn’t suck. Julia Roberts rules.)

Now, the sun is trying to peek out over Half Moon Bay during our Memorial weekend getaway.

Before we hit the road, I produced a couple of military-themed interview segments for my morning shows. I always take a chance to highlight local resources for service members ahead of holidays like Memorial Day. Check them out if you get a chance: USA Together and Together We Served.

After surviving holiday traffic on Highway 92, we arrived in the sleepy beach town. It’s so different from our suburban life in Fremont and the intense rhythm of my San Francisco newsroom. It’s nice to balance everything out with a 30 minute drive to the coast.

Our bed and breakfast left us little cups of International Delight Coffee Creamers. They were flavored with French vanilla. I remember chugging the little cups down with Victoria before we hit the rink. For little girls, it tasted better than milk. Also, we thought it was a waste to dilute the sugary rush with coffee. It felt like we scored a treasure trove when our mothers selected a diner that carried these coffee creamers. My mom worried about how the sugar would hit my hips. Victoria’s mom reminded her we could use the sugar boost for our next practice.

Victoria also introduced me to french fries topped with cottage cheese. In another diner next to our rink in Torrance, the waitress would shake her head when we ordered this non-menu item after a freestyle session.

“You have cottage cheese, right?” Victoria asked. The waitress nodded. “You have french fries, right?” Same response. “So, we want both.” The waitress left us alone with a sigh and something muttered under her breath.

I remember savoring crispy fries dipped with chunks of cottage cheese. The hot and cold flavors filled me up after a hard day on the ice.

As an adult, I continue to explore unusual flavors and foods that may not appeal to others. Food is an adventure for me because of skating friends like Victoria and our childhood foodie experiences. My dad and his appetite for good eats also shaped my palate.
Shot of love
When I turned 33 last week, I ordered a shot of love from Kaenyama in Fremont. The champagne glass was filled with uni slices, an oyster, grape, ponzu sauce, tobiko and scallion. There’s a quail egg yolk nestled closed to the top. Our bartender said I had to pour the cloudy shot of unfiltered sake on top. Then I tipped the whole thing into my mouth. It felt like a silky slush of seafood and rice wine melting in my mouth. I liked it and it made my birthday feel so decadent.

We indulged in a decadent treat for wine lovers yesterday in Half Moon Bay. La Nebbia Winery is located off Highway 92. During the tasting, one winery worker served port inside dark chocolate shot glasses.
La Nebbia Port
She recommended taking some test sips with the shot glasses on the table. Other wine drinkers squealed when Mark and I followed her tips. The chocolate cups infused the dark, sweet dessert drink. Nibbling on the cups marked a sweet finish to our tasting.
Sipping port

So. What are you doing for Memorial Day?