Mad as Hell?

Wow! I loved this trailer for the new HBO series, “The Newsroom.”
I wonder if Jeff Daniels is channeling Howard Beale in his anchor role.

I’m setting up my DVR to record the pilot. It could be awesome. I also find myself yelling at the screen with these pseudo-newsroom shows. Ask my hubby. I tore apart “Morning Glory.” I got snarky over impossible live shots, human camera work and the newsroom meeting before the morning news show.
#kvpnewsroom : Boothing #WkdEarlyEdition taping of @liammayclem 's #LiamsList w/ #JonathanPryce #fb #in
I almost stopped watching “The Ugly Truth” when I saw the Sacramento morning news producer drive to work after sunrise. WTF.

Also – Thanks to Medill’s tweet, I spotted one of the lectures halls used by my classes in Evanston. Ah…memories!