Viva la Tour!

Insert Christopher Walken joke here…
Got cowbell?

My hubby and I watched the best cyclists in the world tackle two stages in the Amgen Tour of California

In Livermore, we found a bar next to the finish line. We watched the cyclists wrap around Mt. Diablo. When we saw them cross the city border into Livermore, we squeezed into spots next to the finish line. The ultimate racing rush for fans – watching the cyclists tear through the finish line. I’m amazed by how close we got to the race.

In Sacramento, I covered the Tour from the newsroom.

Photogs gave me some fun live video of the stage one finish line in front of the State Capitol. Reporters grabbed “man on the street” interviews with cycling fans on the race route. Viewers sent in blurry photos and shaky video of cyclists in action. I tracked tweets when some idiot stole Lance Armstrong’s bike.

I scored a press pass during one of my web producer shifts. My supervisor figured it was a weekend and I wouldn’t be busy. She thought I could produce a photo gallery for our web site. Since we had a bare-bones crew for the weekend show, I ended up doing more stories and taking care of videos for staff. I missed my chance to escape the newsroom and watch the cyclists.

Half Moon Bay Sprint
The Tour has left Sacramento behind this year. Our house in Fremont is about 30 minutes away from the Tour cities of Half Moon Bay and Livermore. My weekend synced up with Mark. We figure this would be the best time to see the race.

Good times!