This summer feels like a blur.

Here’s the view from my second office: inside the control booth. I don’t scream into my anchors’ ears, nor do I discuss my love life on headset.
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Yes, I’m still on the fence with “The Newsroom.”

I’m a little disappointed that Aaron Sorkin doesn’t show anybody WRITING in his newsroom. Also, I think the show make female producers look terrible. My executive producers in San Francisco and Sacramento are strong women who are aggressive with breaking news and discreet with their personal lives.

My newsroom colleagues will tell you that I rarely raise my voice, especially when I’m boothing a show. There are other way to communicate changes and emergencies without rattling your crew in the control booth and on the anchor desk.

US News has a nice rundown on what else Sorkin got wrong with his newsroom – here’s the link.

Now I’m producing more Noon shows in addition to my weekend morning shows.
Both shows are different, in terms of duration and style. I pack live interviews and long feature stories into my weekend shows. I build in chat time into my 2-hour show on Sundays. My anchors use that to sound off on anything from the new GOP Presidential ticket to California’s budget shortfall.

Sometimes, I use my Saturday morning shows for fun segments including pets, food and movie stars.
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I love working with live reporting crews for the weekday Noon show. Wall Street and health stories are built into my other news blocks.

News remains the top priority for all shows. Sometimes, there’s a debate on what should go into my show and what should lead our news blocks. I listen to the feedback, suggestions and criticism. Then I make the final decision on the content. On the weekends, I’m doing that without an EP in the newsroom. It’s my job to make sure my director, anchors, reporters and crew know how to execute that news agenda.

I have tossed out my rundown for breaking news.

My work hours are crazy. I log more sleeping time with Daisy than with my hubby. The newsroom expectations are high, at times intimidating. Like my other news markets, I’m the gal who knows how to do more with less. I won’t take “no” for an answer when it comes to the lack of manpower and show elements. I’m often making my own on-air graphics and editing video.

Sometimes, my loved ones and friends don’t understand what I do for a living.

Still – I love going to work.