100 Happy Days: So Help Me Rum

Rum, flames and friends.
We celebrated an epic milestone at Smugglers Cove.

Mark and I tasted 100 different types of rum.

The Rumbustion Society held a ceremony for our “promotion” to Guardians of the Cove.

Before our big night – we had a fez hat sizing session.

The next time we visit, we’ll see our names on plaques, hanging on the wall with other guardians.

During the ceremony, the big question for the society: whose engraved plaque goes on top?
The answer: the winner of a “Newlywed Game.”
Our friends watched and laughed as the bar’s owner asked us expected and outrageous questions.

I won. 🙂

I think our friends were entertained with the society, rum menu and cocktails.

Day 64 of 100 Happy Days.