100 Happy Days: Team Zissou

My co-worker was surprised that I haven’t seen “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.” She said Wes Anderson fans love this movie.

She said I had to see it.

It was the perfect film for our “dinner and movie” night at home.

After work, I came home to a steamy kitchen. It smelled so good!
Mark made Spinach Pesto Chicken.

It was a pleasant surprise. I emailed him the recipe link and ingredient list. My plan was to start cooking after I got home from the newsroom.

It was lovely to see him pulsing spinach leaves, garlic, pistachio nuts and cheese in our food processor.

He also made pasta and rice.

I took care of the chicken.
Next: Showtime!

Bill Murray was fantastic as Steve Zissou. I also loved looking into all the rooms of the “Belafonte.” It was like playing with a dollhouse.

Day 70 of 100 Happy Days.