100 Happy Days: Camping

I missed camping. I was so happy that Suzanne invited me to tag along on her camping adventure in Half Moon Bay.

It was lovely to find a campground that’s only 30 minutes away from my house.

I also loved pitching our tent next to the beach.

I met Suzanne’s friends from Modesto, Wayne and Tommy. They saved us a camping spot. They have been camping at Half Moon Bay State Beach for nearly three decades. They are generous, sweet, down-to-earth souls who want the best for her. I enjoyed listening to their stories from Oklahoma and from the road with their camper.

We walked on the beach for about 2.5 miles. We turned around at Miramar Beach.

Yes, I brought my bears.

After a quick trip to downtown Half Moon Bay, we came back to a glowing fire at the campsite. JOY!

And s’mores. YAH!

Day 71 of 100 Happy Days.

1 thought on “100 Happy Days: Camping

  1. Suzanne Phan

    Lessons learned while camping at Half Moon Bay.: 1) Real s’mores will always be best! 2) Always put your food away before hitting the sack 3) Dress warm 4) Wine. Wine. and more wine. 5) Good stories and good friends make for a great camping trip!

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