100 Happy Days: Paws

Hungry paws left prints behind at our campsite. Suzanne and I thought our food would be safe on the picnic table.

We were wrong.

But first, I loved waking up under the tent’s “skylight.”

A 9-year-old sleeping bag kept us warm overnight.

It looks like raccoons visited us overnight.

I had no idea that these nocturnal critters liked dim sum.

Suzanne also pointed out the evidence they left behind. PAW PRINTS!

Chocolate-covered prints are ready for processing. It was tough camping lesson and it made us laugh.

Here’s a lovely view by the restrooms. Rabbits darted across the sand.

We checked out Harley Farms after camping.
Kidding around! Met newest member of Harley Goat Dairy in #Pescadero with @SuzannePhan. 2-weeks old baby goat liked to nibble sleeves #farm #goat
I fell in love with this two-week old kid.

Hello Llama!

Hello goat cheese! I took home a button of Monet.

I also liked the flavor combo of jalapeño jelly and goat cheese.

Lunch at Half Moon Bay Brewing Company.

Beer flight!

Day 72 of 100 Happy Days.