100 Happy Days: Drakes Bay

Hello Drakes Bay.

Introducing friends to this amazing oyster farm. Also, saying good-bye. I am quite sad that Drakes Bay Oyster Company will close at the end of this month.

We enjoyed showing Suzanne and Ryan all we knew about shucking oysters. It’s not much. I hope it helped.

Also – we are so lucky that they picked up two dozen oysters before workers ran out of shellfish. Anybody who arrived after us, left empty handed.

The joy of slurping down an oyster that you shucked on your own: Satisfying, empowering and tasty!



Most oyster fans went home. It felt like we had a private picnic spot by the water.

Also – quite happy when Mark picked up an adorable portable grill from Home Depot. I loved pairing smoky Cajun sausages with grilled oysters!

Still. We had to say good-bye.

Damn shame.

Day 79’of 100 Happy Days.