Geocache Adventures in Pasadena

I always thought of Pasadena as part of my teenage stomping grounds. There was so much to do without a fake ID.

Sipping coffee in Old Town. Goofing around on the diagonal crosswalks. Watching sneak previews.

As an adult (who is still carded at Old Town bars), I discovered more of the city’s nooks and crannies thanks to my geocache adventures.
Blast from the past. Memorial arch from #Pasadena 's first public library. Damaged by 1933 Long Beach #Earthquake
One cache led me to the Memorial Arch of Pasadena’s first free public library.

It was torn down after the 1933 Long Beach earthquake.

We found a cool sculpture next to another cache outside of Parsons. Its metal limbs rotate in the wind.


I also enjoyed reading about the Castle Green, built in 1898 by Col. Green. According to its website, Castle Green is “one of the oldest standing historic landmarks in Los Angeles County.”

Thanks for the Geocache!