Blackout Curtains

I used to wake up in darkness. I spent more than eight years getting out of bed with blackout curtains draped over our bedroom windows.

They were necessary. They helped me fall asleep for my graveyard shifts. Just like 32 oz. of coffee helped me jumpstart my brain before sunrise.

This morning, I watched sunlight peeping thru the blinds. I listened to my dog snoring on my knee. I spotted my husband buried under the covers.

My body has shifted. I’m sleeping past sunrise.

Sun Salutations
I worked on my yoga practice in our new backyard this morning.

Daisy watched over the yard as I went thru my sun salutations. Our lives have shifted south to San Diego.

Next week, I start my new job in Ron Burgundy’s news market. This week has been wrapped up in unpacking all the books, files and knickknacks from our lives into our house. It feels like a tedious scavenger hunt with cryptic box descriptions thanks to our movers. (“Toaster” inside a box of mugs?? We don’t have one!)

Beyond blackout curtains. My quick blog on "First Light" for @wordpressdotcom #PostADay

I’ll have my travel mug filled with decaf coffee next week. I don’t need the caffeine to jumpstart my brain anymore. However, I like the rich bean flavor to let my mind and body know that it’s time to work.

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My blog entry for the Daily Prompt: First Light.