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it’s sunny out…but not on the inside…

for the geeky little girl – lurking underneath my veneer of cool

mercury: my romance is … casablanca
Queenkv: you too?
mercury: you and me, kid
Queenkv: hahaha
mercury: oh.. shit.. that is awesome..

Queenkv: yah!
mercury: wow! $2,000,000.00

Argh – how I love star trek!

I found this link first on RBJ forums….I posted this a while ago:

make it so!

In the UK – uh? well…maybe it’s more afforadable then living in the Bay Area, CA – talk about ridiculous inflation!
oh…just saw the price…sorry – too rich for my blood.
Wait a minute – in the future – I thought profit wasn’t an issue any more?????


ah yes…a sigh of relief. i finally told my boss that i’ve been accepted to the medill school of journalism, at northwestern and that i’m leaving for chicago in Jan 2004.

it’s been tough keeping that all bottled in. i figured the best time to tell him was when i had my job evaluation today.

watch out people! i’m following my dream! hooray!

enjoy my dance of joy….taken, back when i was in chicago in july

i’m a dork….but this is funny!

BBspot – Geek Suspects Online Girlfriend of Faking Her IP Addresses

if you don’t get it….that’s ok….i think it’s frickin’ hilarious! guys really do check out your ip addresses – online! it’s like a stupid status thing…

one girl says: “Tiffany Mounds (not her real name) said, “David is so easily fooled. He thinks ‘ooh, me big hacker man, ph33r me,’ but I’m playing him like Diablo 2. He has no idea where I’m coming from. I have this little dongle that I stick in my box and it automatically fakes it for me. It’s really effortless.” “

ok…something funny first

well – before i get any more depressing….here’s something funny:

Super Karate Monkey posted this bit about a Trogdor reference in the very last episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer…..

It figures Trogdor would make it as a character in a D & D game….

now on to a sad revelation….

it really doesn’t matter, does it? no matter what i do – i’m stuck with the trauma….and he’s out there. it doesn’t matter how normal i act, because there’s always one more rug for someone to pull, to bring me down, to pull my world apart. there’s nothing i can say, to make people understand how fucked up i am – and when it comes down to it….i don’t think many people would listen….unless i pay them, like my therapist – or they’ve been my friends before i graduated from college. those people….three…..three people in the world can actually listen and be non-judgemental of me, when i fall apart.

encyclopedia brown is back on the case

encyclopedia brown is back on the case

well….gautam sent this to me a while ago…….back when Napster had a fighting chance….

Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Pirated MP3’s

“Jason Newsted, bass and backup vocals, handed Encyclopedia a piece of paper. “Someone slipped this under our hotel door. We were hoping you would know what to make of it, Encyclopedia Brown.”

Encyclopedia frowned. “Hmmm…this looks like a list of Napster user names.” Napster is a computer application that allows people to download music files, also known as MP3s, via the Internet for free rather than purchasing them in compact disc form at the mall. “And youⲥ right, someone has been stealing your music. Looking at these user names, I have a hunch who it is,” Encyclopedia said gravely.”

strongbad rocks

b sent this to me on icq…..i told him i had a web cam and he said he wanted to see me bust up laughing after i saw this set of animated absurdity……it was funny looking, with the sound off….since i’m at work, i didn’t want to disturb my co-workers.

so i went home and we turned on the volume……oh my gosh it’s funny! japanese cartoon is my favorite…so far