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Photo Friday: Perspective

Wandering around Florence. It’s beautiful Tuscan city. I loved exploring it at night.

Florence, Italy
Pints of beer at an Irish pub. Huge pillows of ravioli at a tiny trattoria.
Cake-flavored gelato in a random Tuscan square. In November.
It was cold, but worth it.

My entry for this week’s Photo Friday: Perspective.

Photo Friday: Still Life

Call and response.

My choir director ended our rehearsals at church with: “St. Cecilia.”
“Pray for us,” we chimed back.

Now I live about ten minutes away from St. Cecilia’s.

I also visited Harding Park today.
Pier at Harding Park

On my weekend, I spotted this lonely piece of art in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley.
Lonely art

My entry for this week’s Photo Friday: Still Life.