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Let there be light

Saying good-bye to the dark
In Kansas and California, my hubby has hung blackout curtains in our bedroom to help me adjust to my vampire schedule. In addition to cocktails and wine, these curtains blocked out the sun and helped me fall asleep.

I like to think of it as tricking my body into thinking night has fallen.

Today, Mark started taking the black sheets down and allowing the light back into our bedroom. In this video, he explains how I was cured of my vampy condition.

Yah! Mark doesn’t need to hide all the garlic anymore.

Nerve Center

Inside the newsroom, an intern asked what type of sandwich I would like from Togos. The assignment desk reassigned him from answering phones to making sure the rest of the staff had enough fuel to power through our wall-to-wall coverage of the Roseville Galleria Fire.

“No thank you,” I said. I didn’t mean to wave him away but I was in the middle of logging an interview with the Roseville Mayor, uploading viewer photos on the fire and keeping tabs on where our reporters and cameras were stationed for the biggest news story of the week. So far.

He had his assignment and I had mine. Both of us didn’t want to disappoint the newsroom.
My Web Story: Community stunned by Roseville Galleria fire
As I worked into my 9th hour at the station, I wasn’t ready to give up my focus on all the cameras trained on that dark plume of smoke from a fire that was burning all day.
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Juggling chainsaws

My 10 a.m. lectures and my walks by the Neva River seem like a dream away. Good thing I snapped a couple of pictures.

Moving on to life in the newsroom at 5 a.m.: Log onto computer…. scan website… scan AP/Bay City/ABC news wires…. update website…. tune into scanners… write news stories… grab video… make still captures… slideshows… update Twitter/Facebook/e-mail list serves…. kick ass.

Oh yeah – then produce the Midday news show.

No problem. Sounds like fun? Yes. Challenging? Of course.

Burning out? Maybe. But – it’s a fascinating job and I’m doing something different every day.

Most importantly, I’m not bored.

Chan Chan
My strategy for staying sane in the newsroom: good food with good friends.
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Au Revoir Janvier

End of the month.
January went by fast. I could barely hang on to her coattails.

Posing in My Threadless Tee.

I spent the month getting used to my new show and my new schedule. I also enjoyed my new weekends with my hubby and friends. This is a shot over Donner Lake, just off I-80. A few weekends ago, we spent a lovely Saturday in Truckee with my Medill buddy Sara.

Thank heavens for weekends because January was a hard month.
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