it’s sunny out…but not on the inside…

for the geeky little girl – lurking underneath my veneer of cool

mercury: my romance is … casablanca
Queenkv: you too?
mercury: you and me, kid
Queenkv: hahaha
mercury: oh.. shit.. that is awesome..

Queenkv: yah!
mercury: wow! $2,000,000.00

Argh – how I love star trek!

I found this link first on RBJ forums….I posted this a while ago:

make it so!

In the UK – uh? well…maybe it’s more afforadable then living in the Bay Area, CA – talk about ridiculous inflation!
oh…just saw the price…sorry – too rich for my blood.
Wait a minute – in the future – I thought profit wasn’t an issue any more?????