my lola’s in my dreams..

I had a tough time falling asleep – last night. I couldn’t stop coughing.

I dreamed about my lola. there was some type of party going on at my old house in Diamond Bar. I sat down at the kitchen table. My lola came up from behind me. She hugged me and told me she can’t wait to have me visit her.

I woke up and remembered that my lola passed away a few years ago. Her birthday’s next month.

2 thoughts on “my lola’s in my dreams..

  1. Faith

    I can sympathize over no sleep due to your cough. My grandmother died 12 years ago, so I can relate there as well. I hope your cold gets better soon. I think it is going around.

  2. rdv

    You were the favorite grand daughter because you were the first here. She really loves you. Thanks for remembering her.

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