random thoughts…

I had a job interview on Capitol Hill….I felt really nervous. Then the a press secretary walked in…she was from Senator Frist’s office. A black and white Cavalier King Charles spaniel padded in…..It totally cracked me up. They called the dog the office mascot. I scratched his head. Why do spaniels always look like they’re smiling? Anyways, the dog made me feel better and I was able to get through the interview without making a fool out of myself.

chilling out with Battlestar Galactica….they’re trying to steal some fuel from the Cylons. In the last scene – Commander Adama and Starbuck listened to their strike force getting torn apart….

My show is finished. Yeah! I screwed up a title and had to fix the sound on the first package. But I finished it. I showed Mark my beagle story…showed Andrea my beagle story…we love beagles. I asked folks if they wanted to see Chuck’s package….Lexi said she wanted to see something from the show…

“I want to see Chuck’s package,” Andrea sang out.

That just sounded funny.

We chilled at the Press Club for happy hour. We had tacos and nachos for Happy Hour. Free….$2.25 Coronas…Yum for those who like to drink. We chatted about Paris. About sipping wine from baby bottles and smoking hookahs. We remembered Will’s impressions of Oly and Jack. Chuck muttered that he could do an Oly impression. Andrea boasted that Will could do any impression. I said Will could probably do an impression on Chuck.

“No one can do me,” Chuck boasted.

“Ok…Chuck…think about what you said,” I told him….then I looked over at Andrea, “Apparently, Andrea wants to see your package.”

We’re all friends.

4 thoughts on “random thoughts…

  1. Faith

    I thought Ray and I liked to pay attention to puns. I think you got your brother beat on this one Kris. HAHAHA


  2. Jedi Freakmaster

    Actually, to be accurate – the Queen wouldn’t be able to handle major league game. Especially if she has objections with Freakmaster introducing her brother to the ‘club’ scene when his bachelorhood is ending. The Queen has only seen the iceberg tip of freak. 90% is never visible to the public.

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