Cleaning out my desk…

…putting the finishing touches on my resume tapes….looking for jobs…I’m getting ready to head out DC and head back home to Cali.

In the meantime – I’m closing the comment portion of ALL my blogs. I won’t have access to the internet – while I’m driving down the 70 – through the rest of the United States. Too many spammers and not enough time or resources to block their sorry asses. I’ll turn on the comment system when I get back home.

It’s been raining in DC….when we parked the car at the Basilica, Mark got out of the car first and had the umbrella opened up over me….such a gentleman.

“It looks like we’re going to a funeral,” he said.

“Well, sort of…,” I replied, “God kinda died today….

“You mean the Son of God.”

We went to a Stations of the Cross meditation service at Noon.

Even though we didn’t have classes – it’s been a long week…I’ve had some strange/disturbing dreams.

One night…I had a dream that David stood over my bed….He was upset…not sure if he was upset at me or at something else. I saw him bend down and tap my ankle bone, urgently. It felt so real and I forced myself awake. I couldn’t see anything in the darkness….

Two nights ago, I dreamed I was in my old house in Diamond Bar. I was with a few other journalism students and we complained about hard life was. We bitched about not being able to do the right thing and how the world would be better off without us around. Then someone’s mother came upstairs. She told us is we felt so strongly about all this – she could show us how to end our lives painlessly.

She showed me my bed, covered with the pink flowered comforter. On the bed, there was a huge needle. She said we could do this, one by one. One girl lies down in the bed and injects the needle. It took ten minutes and it was painless. Then the next girl would move the “corpse” off the bed and inject herself with the needle. The process would continue until no one would be left to remove the corpse from the bed.

One girl got weirded out by the whole smell of the room…she said it would smell if we kept stacking corpses like that…so she left.

Another girl got weirded out by having her corpse stacked on other dead bodies. She couldn’t deal with it and so she left.

I was weirded out by both…so I told the mother that I wasn’t giving up on living. I walked out of my bedroom…

Wonder what it means.