All Things Mario

So, I’m addicted to playing anything with Mario on our Wii. My dad gave it to us and we love it.

My hubby loves it a lot. And Daisy wonders why she can’t have her own Mii. I haven’t figured out how to make the Cocker Spaniel ears.

We’re having fun with bowling, tennis and surfing headlines on our Wii. And as I said before, I’m also digging all things Mario. My hubby bought Super Mario Galaxy from a music shop in Davis for $30. It’s a beautiful, challenging game.

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Speaking of my favorite videogame hero, I stumbled on this new Mario cartoon by Seth MacFarlane on Laughing Squid. This is what would happen if a videogame was mixed with Reality TV.

For $5 a pop, Mark bought Dr. Mario and Super Mario Bros. Once I start popping pills on the red, yellow and blue viruses, I can’t stop playing Dr. Mario. Last night, I kept challenging Mark to several games in Dr. Mario. I’m still trying to wrap my head around all the possible color/shape combos to zap the smirking germs. I really got into this old school Nintendo game back when I was sick with the hubby’s cold. Chicken soup, hot tea with honey and playing doctor with Mario helped me recover from the stuffed up nose and scratchy throat.

And then there’s Super Mario Brothers. Talk about a blast to the past! It’s still awesome! I heart the music! I heart the challenges! I heart the fireballs! During my skating days, I used to train at Lake Arrowhead on the weekends. We stayed in a cute cabin in Running Springs. I suppose we got our fair share of fresh air as we walked around the mountain community. In the wintertime, we went sledding in our backyard. In the summertime, we explored an abandoned house down the street. On our walks, I remember there was a little boy sitting up in the trees, calling us “ugly slant-eyes.” I told him to come down and say that to my face. He said he was going to call his mom. I said I’d call my dad. He stayed up in the trees.

We had a tiny TV inside the cabin. We could barely tune in the basic channels and my Dad ended up ordering cable.

We also brought up our Super Nintendo. Before and after freestyle sessions, my friends and I would fire up Super Marios Bros. We sat on the floor and fought the Goombas, Koopa Troopas and the rest of Bowser’s forces. My favorite memory is powering up on a fireflower and hearing my Dad call out: “Don’t waste your fireballs!”

Honestly, I kinda sucked at the game. I was happy to hand over my controller to whoever can beat the Boss at the end of the World.

“Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!”

And speaking of videogame soundtracks, check out this guy playing the Super Mario Brothers theme song on the piano. Blindfolded.