From my weekends of Good-byes.

Via Twitter, my Medill buddy made it home! She survived her cross-country road trip.

I am in awe anyone who’s willing to hit the highways on her own. As for myself, I’m a wuss. I need my hubby for my own road trips – from Chicago, Topeka and then back to Cali.

Snapping Away
On Sara’s last night in San Francisco, she introduced us to Yummy Yummy on Irving Street. It’s a damn tasty place for Vietnamese food. Outside, a flock of foodies were willing to wait in chilly weather for a table.

My crab adventures left a greasy mess on my hands.

Crab with Salt and Pepper
We shared this feast of crab with salt and pepper. We wanted to try the crab with black bean sauce, but our server, who didn’t want to see Sara leave the Bay Area, insisted we try the salt and pepper version. Yummy! I had fun cracking the legs and other parts with my silver crab cracker. Yes, it was a messy seafood experience, but totally worth it!

San Francisco Nightlife from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.
After dinner, we dropped off some Medill alums at their apartment. They said we could get back on 80 thru the tunnel on Broadway. We also passed by roller skaters and bikers on the Embarcadero. Finally, we got on the Bay Bridge and headed home.