Forget Baskin-Robbins!

“Regular or Phillips?”

Our Oakland buddy dubbed that as the name of his BBQ. Scott served up some our favorites from last time, including that amazing hickory-smoked salmon.

Home Brewed Ale w/brown sugar at the Oakland BBQ. Kept foaming!
I fried up some beef lumpia for the party. I left out the patis & peanut oil in this batch. Another party-goer offered up his home-brewed Brown Ale. He said he used brown sugar. He says that’s probably what gave his foamy beer its caramel aftertaste.

For dessert, Scott made vanilla ice cream. It tasted so creamy and sweet. I wanted seconds.
Check out the video by clicking the “Read More” link:

Making Ice Cream from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

Another highlight from the party: the Screw Drivers! I loved mixing up fresh squeezed orange juice and vodka. Our host picked the fruit from the orange tree blooming in his garden. Wowa!

Another lovely summer day with dear friends and new ones.