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Merry Christmas

Waking up and heading to work. Viva la 4:30 AM News Show!
As soon as I leave the newsroom, I get to go home and cook for my family on Christmas day. We’ll open presents, light a log in the fireplace and enjoy the rest of the holiday together.

Good times.

Merry Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas!

Signs of Fall

We’re at the tail-end of t-shirt weather and the trees are starting to change color in Vacaville and Sacramento. There’s Daisy peaking out behind our shed in the backyard. Folks in my newsroom say I need to check out the trees in Apple Hill. I’m also trying to visit the cornfield maze in Dixon.

It’s nice to enjoy the changing seasons without the cooler temperatures.

My hubby keeps telling me that these signs of fall do not compare to the autumn foliage in New England and other parts of the East Coast. I’ll check it out some day.

I just checked my work schedule for next month. I’m so happy to get Thanksgiving off! It’s the first time we’ll be able to have Thanksgiving dinner with my family in So Cal since I started working in TV news. Yah!

Puppy Update

So, it looks like Daisy’s doing better after her second visit to the veterinarian.

Her painful story started Thursday afternoon. She kept licking her front right paw. In the past, she’s been quite good about chewing out the burrs and foxtails from her paws. In fact, she prefers to do it herself instead of letting her humans take a whack. She’s such an independent puppy.

On Friday, I canceled her grooming appointment and dropped by the Vet at Pet Smart. The vet’s office required a full canine exam. That means the medical assistant checked out her heart rate, ears, eyes and then he stuck a thermometer up her butt. Poor Daisy, she hates that part of the exam.
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