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No free shoes for you…


Just sat through the reading of the Micahel Jackson verdict. All the networks carried live footage. Soap Operas were interrupted. According to CNN – German, Japanese and Mexican stations had booths set-up with the rest of the media circus.

With the crowd and the extreme number of cops – I was a little worried about another Rodney-King-esq riot….I suppose authorities in Cali figure that’s always a possiblity when you have the verdict reading of a high-profile black man. Then again – OJ’s case went off without a gun bang…so there you go.

Mark and I wondered if any geeks were raring to take a hit at a Best Buy or an Apple Store if MJ riots broke out.

During the Rodney King days – my cousin’s neighborhood was on curfew. I remember classmates talking about hitching a ride downtown to snag a free pair of shoes.

Today – the judge allowed a live audio feed to broadcast the verdict reading. “Not Guilty” on all ten counts.
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second-hand knowledge….

From a few minutes ago….

[20:12] Wes:
[20:12] *** Auto-response sent to Wes: catching up on the new battlestar galactica…trying to make my blog take comments….complain complain complain
[20:12] iluvqueenkv: wha?
[20:13] Wes: condolences on your … what’s the word, tito?
[20:13] Wes: (uncle)
[20:14] iluvqueenkv: thanks – tito is about right.
[20:14] iluvqueenkv: i feel more bad for my mom
[20:14] iluvqueenkv: i’ve been planning on buying her tix to pi – for a while
[20:15] Wes: she flew back, right?
[20:15] iluvqueenkv: but she didn’t know when she could go back
[20:15] iluvqueenkv: when he passed away – she figured that would be a good time to go back
[20:15] iluvqueenkv: how did you hear?
[20:16] Wes: faith’s blog
[20:16] iluvqueenkv: ah
[20:16] iluvqueenkv: ok that’
[20:16] iluvqueenkv: that
[20:17] iluvqueenkv: that is annoying
[20:17] Wes: what?
[20:17] iluvqueenkv: nevermind

OK – time to be honest….I am very annoyed at reading about my family life on another blog. I suppose I’m used to being the sole blogger on what happens in my life and to my family. Now, my bro’s girlfriend has been blogging and her life intersects with my family…it would be natural for her to include what happens to my bro and his family in her blogging….

I understand that intellectually.

However, there’s this emotional reaction – I feel like my privacy and my family’s privacy has been violated. Sure, it’s an irrational thing…but I can’t help feeling that way.
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wes is a dork

so – when i dated wes – a very long time ago

i had this dream he studied with a hot korean model, sung hi lee, who was doing her engineering degree at berkeley. at first, it was platanoic – then they ended up hooking up – behind my back.

in my dream – i saw them kissing at sather gate. i was crushed, or something like that. i ended up running away and into moving traffic and telegraph and bancroft.

after the funeral, my parents sued wes and the model for my wrongful death.

i was stupid back then….

then i had this funny – if not blunt, im conversation with wes, today…..he told his current gf about my dream and she thought it was funny…

[pix from]

jediwes: she doesn’t have the same problems with the adult world as you do
queenkv: screw you

jediwes: i just call them how i see them, right?
queenkv: not really
jediwes: lol, you always had an issue with that … all threatening to toss out my collection and such …
jediwes: a girl would have to be crazy hot for me to consider tossing them out … in which case, she’d be good-looking enough to not have insecurities about them …. heh
jediwes: 馃檪
queenkv: you’re wierd
jediwes: lol … and yet you went out with me anyways … … for too long to claim it was temporary insanity …
queenkv: you’re really wierd

jediwes: hi pot! this is kettle – ‘you’re black’
queenkv: screw you!
jediwes: lol …..
queenkv: yeah, i guess that was funny

no…..he didn’t….

queenkv: nope
jediwes: denial isn’t just a river in egypt, you know….
jediwes: 馃檪

jediwes: pushed your button?

mark gives my animals the lowdown

i left the web cam on…..the bears checked him out and vice versa….

it’s amazing, the conversations I miss when I step out of the room.

Queenkv: i’m going to head out for a bit
Queenkv: should i keep my camera on?
Queenkv: i should be back in 1/2 hour or so…
Queenkv: what do you think?
mercury: i would like that 馃檪
Queenkv: ok
mercury: maybe put one of the bears on
mercury: so we can talk
Queenkv: totally
mercury: i will explain why i am a big bear
mercury: any how things are
Queenkv: oh dear
Queenkv: they’re innocent!
mercury: i know
mercury: they are kids
mercury: whoa
mercury: hi kids!
Queenkv: yah
Queenkv: play nice
Queenkv: ttyl
mercury: ttyl
mercury: tt bears now
Queenkv: i’ll be bacl
mercury: bye! be safe
Queenkv: i will
mercury: hello, animals, thank you for joining me today. Evan, Louie, I trust that you have gotten along well with your new companions.
mercury: Kristina informs me that today is Evans’ first snowfall. Congratulations!
mercury: In the near future, Kristina will be joining me in California. Order.. Order! Now I know, I know, this may be a hardship for some of you, but together, with your combined skills, you will make it through the rough waters ahead. As a family, you have all learned to rely upon each other in the past, and I have faith that you will succeed this time as well. I put my trust in you to watch over Kristina’s belongings and keep her bed warm in anticipation of her return.
mercury: Kristina loves you all very much, and over the years, I have gotten to love you all, too. As much as my own furry animal family.
mercury: I want to let you all know how much I appreciate you keeping Kristina company over the past few months, you have all done a wonderful job!
mercury: give yourselves a pat on the backs
mercury: After August, I will be joining Kristina during her studies. I look forward to joining you all, then. This transimission ends now.
Queenkv: oh my gosh
Queenkv: hahaha
mercury: didja get all that?
Queenkv: hehehe
mercury: 馃檪
Queenkv: can i put that on my blog
Queenkv: ?
mercury: certainly!
Queenkv: hahahaha
Queenkv: oh my gosh
Queenkv: that was great!
mercury: 馃檪
Queenkv: did give them much of chance for rebuttal
mercury: we had a conference
mercury: they protested your leaving
mercury: hence the “order, order”
Queenkv: hahaha
mercury: lucky animals 馃檪


Thoughts from a stolen soul posted this blog about a court case involving Amish buggies and reflective orange tape…..

Even stranger – there’s this link to an Amish Web Portal – what the heck are Amish folks doing with a website???? I don’t get it….

According to their site:
“The Amish live by the Bible, their faith is based on the whole book, and they take it quite literally. Much of what we see about them that is “different” comes from the bible verse I John 2:15 ?Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the father is not in him.? This is the reason behind the avoidance of technology and new things. Many of the Amish do not use electricity because their Amish lifestyle is centered God, Family and self sufficiency, the Amish decided in the early 1900’s that linking with electrical wire would constitute a connection with the world that violates the Bible?s instruction not to be ?conformed with the world”

Uh….so why a website???

conversations with jediwes

(2003-10-01 16:26:33) jediwes: pika pika
(2003-10-01 16:28:38) jediwes: heh, i get a mention!
(15:21:32) queenkv: a mention?
(15:21:34) queenkv: for what?
(15:21:51) jediwes: in your blog
(15:21:54) queenkv: you?
(15:22:03) queenkv: i’ve talked about you often…
(15:22:04) queenkv: silly

(15:22:25) jediwes: didn’t seem like it
(15:22:31) queenkv: let me see
(15:24:13) queenkv: results of searching for Wes in my blog
(15:24:13) queenkv: dork
(15:24:55) queenkv: see!
(15:31:35) jediwes: 馃槢 all cameos
(15:46:23) queenkv: did you see that?

(15:46:29) queenkv: i talk about you….alll the time!
(15:46:46) jediwes: it pulls up all the north’wes’terns too silly
(15:47:30) queenkv: hahaha
(15:47:41) queenkv: that’s funny
(15:48:11) queenkv: how are you?
(15:48:14) queenkv: when can we hang out?
(15:48:54) jediwes:
(15:53:44) queenkv: wha
(15:53:50) queenkv: why are you avoiding me?

(15:53:56) jediwes: no i’m not

posted this on my ediets support group board….

“it’s difficult because my ex – well, he’s known me the longest up here in the bay area – he saved my life once, when i was sucidal. he took off from work to take care of me, a few hours after my trauma. now, he’s pulling himself out of my life, for the peace of mind of his girlfriend – at least that’s what I suspect……i know he’s busy with his family, his mom’s new place, and well – his love life. it makes me sad – but i’m trying to accept it all. i don’t want to be the cause of bad blood and heck, maybe someday, we could all hang out together. but for now…it looks like i’m losing my best friend.”

Now – I’m lost in translation….

I got an email from this dude…or domain:

And I can’t read this…..can anybody understand these chinese/korean/japanese/martian characters? if so….could you please tell me what it all means?